Sunday, May 07, 2006

FMX 06

The FMX is over. It was an awesome conference. I met a lot of great people and also a lot of fellow students from the Filmschool where I studied.
There were a lot of interesting presentation! The making of "Kong" and the "Open Season" presentation were supercool!
The weather was tremendous almost too hot ^^;

Just came back from a huge party. The dinner was really great. Since I slept only 3 hours last night...I'll go to bed now...gn8


Wingman said...

It was nice talking to you briefly at the FMX. Your reel that you showed during the Disney recruiting totaly rocked. Did they hire you by now? (I guess it is only a matter of time). Will check your blog from now on.

Andreas Hoffmann

blabla said...

Was nice meeting you too buddy! good luck for the future!