Monday, May 15, 2006


I took a day off from work today and spent almost the whole day at home practicing guitar, doing some Open Canvas with a friend and doodling around in Photoshop....
Hm now it's midnight again and I should go to bed. Or....practice a bit more guitar? ^^v


Unknown said...

beautiful!! Love the spring atmosphere, and the warm color!!

Anonymous said...

ligth like a guitar ballade

ornitorrincoman said...

nice one!!!
I like the ambient you created in this draw.
very good one!

oviparos saludos

Jakob said...

Again, a very lovely drawing, reminds me a lot of "Totoro" somehow.

Greetings, Jakob

Jakob said...

Oh, I forgot, maybe you know already, but found this today and thought, you might like it.

This is called "cute lil gal" and it's indeed very very cute:

...and these two chinese boys seem to have a lot of fun and are acting just great:

blabla said...

Thnx guys!

hehe yeah I saw those on google video. While I was drawing I also thought that I was heavily inspired by totoro ^^;

Lusi said...

hei, i met your work today....i like it!!!!! :D congrats ;)

kaunchen said...

totoro? Kawaii~~~
Love the color and envirment. so warm and cute!