Saturday, June 03, 2006

Summer Day

It's raining a lot lately...Perfect when you are sitting in an office unwrapping UV's...but also depressing :(
But anyways I had a great time after work yesterday...I sat in my apartment with my roommate Felix painting this image. Later I practised some guitar (my fingertips are molting ^^;) and we watched Gilmore Girls until 3 o'clock in the morning drinking desperados ;)

The day startet with sunshine today. And I'm in a good mood.
And next week WLAN will be installed in our apartment! Yey!

Edit: Just got a phone call that we won't get internet connection in our apartment for a while T.T


ALL said...

goro, wann kommst du wieder? wir wollen morgen mit pawel auf der alster rudern... komm doch mit, ja? und seit wann trinkst du alkohol? richte dich da unten ja nicht zu häuslich ein... deine freunde sind hier im norden

donnachada said...

Another stunner. I love the Totoro one too. You make it look to easy.

Clive said...

Yeah, you make it look very easy; very fresh and lively. Nice work as usual!

Unknown said...

That's indeed a beautiful fun day!! Lovely painting!

Raymond Xu said...

very nice and full of life!

blabla said...

Thnx everyone!

rudern ist ja cool! Das nächste mal komme ich mit!

Jakob said...

I"d like to live in the world you're drawing. Everything seems so lovely and mellow.
Every picture you draw here I show around to Valle and Markus, and everytime Markus looks at one he says: "Eiihhh, der Goro, das is' voll der Checker!"

Greetings Jakob

blabla said...

thnx for the kind words Jakob! I'm flattered!