Saturday, July 01, 2006

Germany moves on to the semi finals!!

Yeees that was an incredible soccer match yesterday....It almost gave me a heart attack. When Argentina was leading 1:0 until the 80th minute I thought the Germans wouldn't make it. But then......KLOSE! He's my hero of the Worldcup!
I never thought I would get so emotional about the whole worldcup thing but the athmosphere over here is overwhelming. Whooooo I'm so exited!
I got up very late today and I haven't eaten anything yet. ^^;
Think I'll go out have some lunch watching the France vs Brazil match.

My friend Fiona sent me a Picture of her apartment where she put my painting 'Juji & Ophelia' on the wall. Thnx Fiona ^^v

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Gulzar said...

man...i have been missin all your new works...sifted to another city..take care..will come back for more....n i want germany to win....too!
take care...