Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Message on my windshield

T.T Germany is out....
But man! What a great game. I really enjoyed it and no doubt that Italy was better in the last 30 minutes. It was a great World Cup for Germany. Now let's see who's gonna be world champion.

A little story...
Yesterday morning when I was searching for an parking place I found a really small gap between two cars. I had to spin the steering wheel about 8 times to place my car in the gap. On each site there where about 4inches left.
When I came back to my car at 2am I found this little message on my windshield ^^;
It made me smile ^^

translation (thnx melle):
"If somebody parks in so obscenely tight, maybe they should go back to drivers education. The one parking behind you."

This happens only in Germany ^^v


Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

First off thanks 4 such a flattering comment bro just tryin and the note on your car funny stuff bro hope to see more of your painting soon stay kool!!!

Unknown said...

Parking in LA is bad too ... but usually a note like that in LA ... involve at least a few "F*@#$K" words in one sentence!! LOL

Gillian said...

o_0! that's kinda creepy, at least I'd have been creeped out ig someone left that on my windshield