Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A great little trip ^^

I came back from Hamburg yesterday. I decided to stay one day longer.
When I arrived in Hamburg on friday I immediately got a call from my friend Andrea and she invited me and Ellen (a friend I met at the Filmakademy) to have some barbecue with her friends and some buddys back from highschool. What a warm welcome. ^^
The barbecue was great!

On saturday we (Pawel, Anna, Max, Ellen and I) went to the beach in 'Boltenhagen'.
A great little beach with only few tourists. The water was incredibly warm. Unfortunately after an hour or two it started raining and we had to leave.

fantastic cloud over Boltenhagen...


On the way home we bought stuff for barbecue.
Ellen could stay at her friends place. It was a huge apartment next to the Elbe (stream). A great place with a huge garden. A perfect place for our barbecue ^^v.

The girls peparing food in the kitchen
guys taking care about the fire

Max and Me

Foto by Anna

On Sunday my father made a great dinner! Big respect....I need to learn cooking...
Monday I showed Ellen Hamburg downtown. The weather was perfect. Not too hot neither too cold. Later that evening we went with Anna, Max and Pawel to the movies to watch Pirates of the Carribean dead man's chest. The english was kind of difficult to understand but I liked it!

It was a great little trip!


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