Friday, December 22, 2006


I'm living exactly 27 years now on this planet yey!

I got a really suprising birthday gift from my buddy Felix ^^.
This is one of the first PC games I ever played (many years ago at my neighbours place)
"CHICAGO 90" with the original packaging!!! Anyone remembers this awesome game?

I wanna play it right now but....I have no floppy drive ^^;
I'm gonna try it when I get back to Ludwigsburg. I guess I'll find a PC with a floppy drive somewhere... Felix you rock!

What else did I get...a very nice wallet (it was time to get a new one ^^) And a guitar bag.

There is a highschool class reunion later this evening. Looking forward to see some
old friends again!


Anonymous said...

Hey Goro!
Joyeux anniversaire!
...and merry christmas & happy new year too!
Looking forward to meeting you again in 2007 :)
Liebe Gruesse,

Anonymous said...

hi Goro,

happy Birthday again at this
location. I hope you had a nice
day and of course nice holydays and
new year also. I knew you would
like this present, but I didn`t know
you would like it like that. I really
hope we find a PC with a floppy drive. Of course I want to play, too.
Lets see if I beat you in this game
like in any other game ;)
See you next year,

blabla said...

Merci Perrine wish you a happy new year!

thnx again man!