Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bot Jump

The server at work is down and I can't go on animating right now.
Thought I spend some time painting again.


JenJen said...

Hahaha wie genial ist das denn! Ur super!!!


rezatron said...

Your work is amazing, if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles and wanting to work please hit us up, hello@threeleggedlegs.com

Ken said...


so coool. WOuld love to see a whole film like this.

ken :D

Anonymous said...

great ^_^
hope you're fine

Unknown said...

AWESOME it's an animated painting!!

gyergar said...

Your artworks are great, Goro. I have been following your work for a long time. Good luck with your trip to Korea.

blabla said...

Thanks everyone!

I would love to do that but I think I don't have the patience and the time :(

Well busy like hell and hay fever...but I'm fine! See you soon!

Thnx man! The Korea story is almost 2 years ago... ^^;
But unfortunately it didn't work out. Still stuck here in Germany.
But thnx anyways.

mamú said...

haha, nice =)

dachte erst, ach, der goro und die roboter im dschungel, jaja - und da fängt der an zu hüpfen xD

* *
gruss, M

admin said...

super genial!!!