Monday, August 06, 2007

Back in town!

My work in Ludwigsburg is finished and I moved back to Hamburg last week. I was cut of from the internet for one week cause the neighbours craftsmen are restoring their house and they accidently cut our current and phone line :(
Thank god I'm back online! ^^
I watched Trasnformers and Simpsons in the theaters the other day and was amazed by
both of them. The transformers vfx are like o_O and the simpsons almost killed me cause I laughed so hard during the whole film ^^;
Anyways I hope I can post some new stuff soon. Thanks for your comments everyone!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ach ich heul gleich... *schnueff*

Na toll ... Hamburg hat dich wieder... und was machen WIR?!! *heullos*

und ... trau mich gar nicht zu fragen ob Felix noch im schoenen Sueden weilt, aber ich ahne jetzt schon schlimmes...

Werde euch vermissen, war ne witzige Zeit, Alda ...

... so traurich...


eure Bernaude.