Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finally 500 Speedpaints!!!

When I started speed painting in 2004 I decided to number them so that I always know how many paintings I've done.
I've just finished my 500th speed paint yay!

To infinity and beyond!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love your sketches and paintings since I see your homepage Goro. :) Keep going on with your beautiful work! Can you recommend a good book for speedpainting?

blabla said...


Don't know any book...but there is a great Gnomon DVD of David Levy called "From speedpainting to concept art" That's a nice one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Goro. I´ll check it. :)

mamĂș said...

congrats man =) .. 500 is a proud number, and surely one can see the progress you made during those.
so hephep hooray. ^^

go for the thousand


Ikki said...

hey, I found your blog in google, I was looking for images and I think I´ve used one of your paints, I hope you don´t care.

*I´m from Brazil, and I don´t speak english very well, sorry.

Alexei Martins said...

Hi! and Congratulations!
Oh, your digital paintings are so cool, I love it!! Beautiful blog!

cheers! :D

sparrowsky said...

so happy to see your blog, what a great sketches and painting! I really like your artwork!^^

Unknown said...

HE! HE!! CUte kitty on the head!! Congrat!

Anonymous said...

congratulations gorooooooooo!!
would love to get ur feedback on my paintings and short animated films i did at vfs

my email:
thanks and keep it up u r inspirational:)

Ayman Alagouza said...

btw i think u should have a facebook account and use its graffiti aplication (very basic painting program kinda like ms paint) and join in our global competiotions it will be more fun if u r there...we learn a lot from each other and its always nice to have a motivation to paint loosly and paint each day!

see u there
ayman alagouza

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Top work !! A really slick picture !

Anonymous said...

Hey goro!

I was looking for the old 500 list and google gave me your blog as a result. I'm so happy you made it through 500!

I also found the list... looks like it went up to 825... very cool.

Congratulations man!