Monday, December 17, 2007

Niko Lentäjän Poika

The website of 'Niko Lentäjän Poika' (Way To The Stars - English Title) is online!
I'm currently animating my last sequence for this film.
The original Language is English. The website is finish cause it's a finish movie. I guess an english version will follow soon.

Niko Lentäjän Poika


Anonymous said...

Hey goro!

I stumbled across your blog when i was looking for the 500 list a while back... and i just noticed that we are working on the same movie! that's incredible!
I'm working from Helsinki as the matte painter for the film, and hey, i don't know which parts you animated but overall the animation looks very nice! well... i blame all of this on sijun.

blabla said...

Haha! Now how cool is that!
Check out for example 490 if you know what I mean ^^
Are you at anima then? You guys over in finland are doing an amazing job on the fur!

Martin Wittig said...

I will certainly keep an eye out for this one!Congrat's on the film, I am sure that you have your hands full. Happy Holiday's!!:)

Unknown said...

Looks very cute Goro! I'll look out for it as well