Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bunny Lair


Ayman Alagouza said...

very nice painting, love the composition and pallet,
hey i have a question for thinking about buying a wacom 12wx, but a friend of mine advised me to get a tablet pc instead..what do YOU think?? the only setback for me is that tablet pcs are not pressure u know one that is pressure sensitive??would be nice to have a laptop we can draw directly on without wires, dont u think?

Erik Collinder said...

Hi Goro!

I fall in love with all your painting and this isn't an exception. Very nice work!

And Ayman! If you cant find a tablet PC with pressure sensetivity, then you should go for a cintiq12w instead. Pressure sensetivity means A LOT!

blabla said...


I'm not familiar with tablet pc's...I just can say that if you would like to paint a lot on your pc you won't do anything wrong with a 12wx. It's not so practical to carry around though...the cintiq needs a power source and has some kind of adapter between the tablet and the pc.
So if you want to walk around with your laptop it would be probably better to get an intuous 3.
I'm still keeping the intuous3 as well. USB is so simple ;)

Ayman Alagouza said...

Thanks Goro for the reply :)
i already have an intuous3
and a nintendo ds baught just for colors! ;) but i am artisticly greedy and want a digital sketch book too !!haha
hey would u please take the time and check out my blog?with its paintings and short films??
i graduated classical animation from vancouver film school in canada u know it??
hope u like my work cuz i love yours :)
ps.i wonder if i can have ur email and facebook account if u have one? mine is would be great if u accept my friendship.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm interested in posting a link to your work/site/blog on my webpage ... I want to use it as par of the title under the 'mind' tab. Contact me at your earliest convenience.

Ryan Wood said...

WOW, terrific colors!

Andy Espinoza said...

Great color scheme and environment you got here! Keep it up!

Urban Barbarian said...

Stunningly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

LOVE UR STUFF!! Made me wanna try and get back to drawing and try C6

Gabriel Benítez Lozano said...

Am a writer from México and this is the first time that i enter in your blog and see your work and is really beautifull, really superb, not only totally profecional, very inspired to. ¿Have you some book with all your work?
Sorry for my english


are you trying to bring me out of hiding??

the doodlers said...

Just gorgeous.

H.WAY said...

hi! oh my gosh, i love all your artwork, i didnt even get a chance to look at all of it..i will though. :]
I am a budding artist...alice in wonderland inspires me a lot and i absolutely love your wonderland pieces.
i would really like to dab in 3-d art as well.
im also a photographer and i have a blog on here and i want to know what you think of my work and i can always show you more ^-^

and my email