Tuesday, September 09, 2008

San Francisco

Hey guys I'm not dead! ^^
I'm really sorry for the lag of updates but I recently moved to San Francisco and I was very busy settling in the last 4 weeks. I've found a nice apartment in San Mateo, went to IKEA and FRY's a couple of times. I had a lot of trouble getting phone line, internet, credit card etc. without having a credit history....but that seems to be normal over here.
Anyways I'm pretty much settled in and I'm having a great time here in the bay area. The weather is awesome! It hasn't been raining since I arrived here five weeks ago. That's incredible for someone coming from Hamburg ^^
Work is awesome and I met a bunch of people I knew for years through the net.
So I just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying a new chapter in my life here in CA and hopefully I'll be able to update my blog with new artwork soon!


Gulzar said...

cool! where you working brother?

keep posting...

Atsushi said...

hey man. saw your profile updated on linkedin. Congratulations for such a great job!! weather must be nice up there. I miss SF weather and Burritos!

happy to hear that you are enjoying new chapter over there. I'm still on my own chapter 3 here in singapore :D There's still long way to go til it gets to chapter 56! I hope we can meet up in person by the time it gets 56.

RAWLS said...

Exciting times my friend! Glad you're move went well and that you're settling in!

Anonymous said...

Hey Goro!

Dich gibts ja doch noch! :)
Hab Dich neulich im MSN gesehen, aber warst dann schnell wieder verschwunden.

Schön zu hören dass Du Dich gut in der Bay Area eingelebt hast.

Schade dass wir das nicht hinbekommen haben uns in SF zu treffen als wir da waren.

Viele Grüße, und hau rein!

Unknown said...

WOW!! Welcome to CA!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, PLEASE let me take you to lunch?

Viola Baier said...

Goro!! Lass dir mal nen ganz lieben Gruß da! Ich bin auch endlich in Paris angekommen, und hab in meinen ersten beiden Wochen an der Gobelins schon soooo viel gelernt!

Drück dich und hoffe, wir sehen uns baldmöglichst wieder,