Friday, November 21, 2008

Steampunk Myth & Legends CGChallenge

I recently entered the new challenge on cgsociety.

The Mission:
Depict your favourite mythical character or story, with a steampunk aesthetic.

Steampunk is the application of advanced steam age technology to a modern or science fiction setting.

This challenge asks you to render traditional myths and legends in the steampunk style using elements of gears, springs, brass and steam power. Re-imagine legendary characters from some of the world's most ancient stories, such as a steam-powered minotaur, or a Zeppelin-mounted Thor, hurling lightning bolts from the sky.

Since famous tales are allowed too I decided to turn the Cinderella tale in the Steampunk style. Visit my challenge thread here.
The challenge page with all my entries so far can be reached through this link.
The due date is February 3rd...and I'm still in the concept phase. Hope I'll be able to finish.

1 comment:

RAWLS said...

Man... I was gonna go in on that too... if I had the time. :(
I love your designs though my friend. Especially the pumpkin coach! Awesomeness!!!