Thursday, December 04, 2008

Steampunk Pumpkin Balloon

I decided to give Cinderella a Steampunked Pumpkin Balloon instead of a coach.
Here are some concept sketches.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is totally awesome!! I am sharing your vision of fantastic worlds overall! My soul is rejoicing.

Faylinn said...

Wow, das ist einfach nur genial! Ich bin schon sehr auf das Endergebnis gespannt und drücke ganz doll die Daumen.

Jeremy D said...

very elegant shapes

Nils said...

Nice pictures as always ! Waiting to see more of that special Cinderella universe !

RAWLS said...

Dude... these are so good that I hate you!!!

Robin said...

Crazy, Goro! I love the idea.

What will all her little animal friends turn into, then? Sandbags and such?

I love it!

Emily How said...

I love this Goro! Its amazing

Charmaine said...

Love this! I was wondering if I can use your sketches in some collage art (it won't be for sale). I would, of course, add a note to credit you. Let me know: - thanks!

Laura Irrgang said...


I'm sharing this on my blog. If you'd like me to remove it for any reason, just let me know!

What a great series of sketches.

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