Thursday, February 05, 2009

testing "brushes"

Again some iPhone paintings. I'm testing a new version of "brushes". Now it's even possible to import your paintigns via wifi to your mac and playback the whole painting process at a higher resolution if desired. Another neat feature is that you can export the painting process as a movie file. Check this out!

The iPhone is seriously turning into a portable Cintiq... o_O;


Gerald de Dios said...

Wow, "brushes" so cool. I'm jump getting the feel for "colors" on the NDS, but I wouldn't mind drawing on my iphone as well. Very cool new features. So do use the pogo stylus or just your finger? These sketches are great!

Goro Fujita said...

yep Pogo it is

Amok said...

love your work. wish i could paint like that on my ds. Any tips on getting started? I've done a bunch in black and white, but i'm trying to jump into colour now and find it tricky.

keep up the awesome work.

Unknown said...

I baught iphone after saw your amazing iphone paintings~~~~
I enjoy using "brushes" as well!! it's awsome to watch the painting process, you are the best!