Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Squaw Valley

So I went Snowboarding in Squaw Valley in Tahoe a week ago with a bunch of buddies from work. I took my Sanyo HD1010 camcorder with me to shoot some footage. I spent quiet some time last week to edit and compose this video. Besides a bunch of technical difficulties it was hell a lot of fun to create this. Enjoy! ^^

Squaw Valley March 14th 2009 from Goro on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Very Cool!

Unknown said...

NIce job. Good work on the titles. The only thing I would have suggested is to do a music change half way through to keep it from getting repetitive.

Gerald de Dios said...

That was a killer video! Good job keeping your camcorder tact. The editing looks great - it's so easy to get lost in editing and spend countless hours, but it's always fun.

RAWLS said...

Nice job man!

Hans said...

Great job, looks awesome!!! Very jealous here. Haven't been snowboarding for a long time, but I just moved to L.A. from Florida, so maybe now I'll get the chance again:)

Have a great weekend