Saturday, August 08, 2009

A walk through the Clouds

I painted on my iphone in "brushes" again (using the pogo stylus). I just love this little app!


Unknown said...

Beautiful drawing!. Is is much different to use the Pogo stylus than finger painting? Is it worth to buy one?

RAWLS said...

I love it too! Great shapes my friend!

Unknown said...

So different !! I love it!

hodges said...

very cool, have you tried the new app "layers"? im curious as to how it compares

Goro Fujita said...

Thaks guys!

For me it was totally worth it. Although people that are using the screen protection had trouble using the stylus since it's not reacting that well. So I'd only recommend it if you are not usig the screen protection.

Yes I did but I still prefer Brushes. The eye dropper tool in Layers is kind of slow and the image format is square which doesn't make sense to me. And I lost my painting once. When I opened "Layers" there was only a blank layer left. That kind of stuff upsets me. Brushes is more stable and still feels better to me.

Claire O'Brien said...

Hi Goro, I came here via the iPhone app thread on CG Talk. Beautiful work you have here. Can you tell me which Pogo you recommend, the Stylus or the Sketch?


Goro Fujita said...

I only have the "stylus". I never tried the "sketch" so I can't tell the difference. Though a fellow artists told me to try the "sketch" cause you can hold it better in your hands. The tip should be the same.

Unknown said...

wow a stylus for the iPhone!
I'll have to check it out :)


Armand Serrano said...

Very cool! I'm so impressed by your work. I'll browse your blog what I've seen so far! Fantastic.