Friday, April 23, 2010

First life drawing session with the iPad

I did a 1h 30min life drawing session today. It felt very natural to draw.
iPad just keeps getting better!  Can't wait for the new updates for both "brushes" and "sketchbook pro"
This one was painted in sketchbook.


Mathieu Reynès said...

Really impressive.
The next update of Brushes sounds really interesting, can't wait to get it.

Adam Lawrence Miller said...

Amazing. Totally sold me on this ipad for art business. I guess Brushes can up-res the art by replaying the strokes -- clever. Wonder if Sketchbook will do something like that.

kb said...

Great work, I love seeing the iPad being adapted to 'sit-in' for traditional art materials. it kind of makes me wish i was still in college in my illustration class using it instead of 50 bottles of acrylic and 20 pounds of illustration board.

Unknown said...

This is very nice, I have the same for the ipad and iphone it's truly amazing.

SKIZO said...