Sunday, August 01, 2010

28th SketchCrawl

Yesterday was the 28th SketchCrawl. The SF starting point was Crissy Field. I was sitting on the pier and painted this piece with water colors + moleskine water color sketchbook. There were strong winds and it was very cold.

I needed a warmer place so I stayed a while in the warming hut right next to the pier. This time I tried something new. I drew a sketch in my sketchbook, I took a picture of the sketch with my iphone and imported the photo into the brushes app. Then I started painting over it with my finger. It worked really great and I will certainly do that again. So here is the sketch I did traditionally.

and this is what I painted on my phone.

Here is the progress video:

And finally another water color piece at the palace of fine arts which was our afternoon meeting point. It was a great crawl!


jaunraza said...

hi, i've a question, what app do u use to paint your art work on your iphone, and do u have any extra utensils like a iphone pen or something when your doing your Digital paintings. also how long does it take normally

Claire said...

I just love watercolors. I love the stylization of the trees and bushes. Really nice.

Goro Fujita said...

Nano: I mentioned it in the post. I used the "brushes" app and my finger.
This last one took about 40min.

Thanks Claire!

Taylor Clutter said...

Great mood in that painting as always! heh, I recently used that technique on an airplane from a sketch I had drawn in the airport.

Pokhvey said...

Dear Mr. Fujita.

I dig your art very much and it's just wonderful that you are posting your sketches and work in progress pieces here. That's why I was taken by surprise by the fact that those wonderful videos under some private protection privileges thing.

Is there any way I can see them after all? Not it say that I don't have a permission or something. I'm from Russia by the way.

Thanks in advance.

Goro Fujita said...

you shouldn't have trouble watching this video.

I had to take down the latest video with the Robot in the post above because it's part of the workshop I did for imaginefx and I'm not allowed to show it yet. All other videos should work just fine.