Friday, January 14, 2011

Setting goals!

All my life I kept on setting goals. Some of them I never reached (dunking a basketball...or completing my star wars trading card set ^^) but the ones I "really" wanted I somehow managed to reach with a lot of hard work and I learned that unreachable goals become reachable over time.
So never be scared of setting big goals. Of course you won't get it for free but motivation,dedication and hard work will get you there. One of my favorite quotes is from Carnegie Melon Professor Randy Pausch. (October 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008)

"The best of the gold's at the bottom of barrels of crap"

You can apply that to everything you want to accomplish.
At the end of last year I reached another small goal I set for myself. Nothing major but it made me feel good! ^^
And believe me it was a huge pile of barrels full of crap I had to dig through.

Maybe some of you guys remember this little animation I made a year ago. One of my passions is breakdancing...I'm not really good at it but it's really fun! My new year's resolution for 2010 was to master the windmill.

I started practicing really hard 5 days a week almost throughout the entire year. I didn't quite get to mastering the windmill yet but at least I got close....give it a couple more months and I think I get it. I'm satisfied for now and will keep polishing it this year.

What next you say?
I'll try to be able to do no-handed windmills by the end of the year. I hope I can post a video again.


Nicholas Hong said...

wow! nice windmill! i like to do breakdancing when i was gr.6 and got back injuried and stopped lol.

cgoz said...

cool! congrats!

davidmaas said...

boh! Geil!
Dass ist SOOO cool!

Ich bin auch dabei... speed paints um mein Hand aufzufrischen. Eins pro Tag. Hab aber schon ein nicht geschafft. Paleopaints!

Danach renne ich rum wir Tyrranosaurus in deine Ehre!

Isaac B said...

soo true! Im a b-boy aswell! nice mills, its the best when you nail them the 1st time, soon you'l be linking them into halo combo's!! my target has been continuous airflares for the longest but whenever I get close I always get too busy to practice, but as you say its difficult, not impossible!



Brittney Lee said...

You rock, Goro! I'd love for you to teach me sometime!

Melhyrïa said...

That's already quite impressive !

But not as much as your work I must say ;-)

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Wow VERY impressive!!
And inspiring :)
Keep it up!


Genius prodigy said...

I love your art! And I really like doing art myself. I Started a blog about my new years resolution to write a best selling book by the time I was sixteen
I hope you can check it out I have a bit from one of the books I'm trying to write on it and if you like it you should spread the word so i can achieve my dream :)

Goro Fujita said...

Thanks guys!

Ha wie waer's mit 300 im Jahr oder so :D
Dann kannst du auch ein paar tage aussetzen oder sogar mehrere pro Tag malen.

Airflares...those are scary man...I can't hurt my wrists so I'm gonna stay away from those for a while. I get bruised enough by practicing the flare anyway :D

Ha I'd love to!

Vick Gaza said...

Oh wow man .... lol I'm also a bboy :) Glad we share common passions :) Use your legs harder, push and pull with them as hard as you can :) Will generate more momentum :)

BTW I`m a huge fan man ! Thanks for the inspiration !

kalonji said...

wow !! ok be beboy next time for a battle :-)) that is rad ! BRAVO .

Bre Galloway said...

Hahaha! What a great resolution. You are doing great, I think!

Owen Williams said...

Dude, super inspiring post, I have some pretty big goals so reading stuff like this is aaalways good. Thanks bud

ED said...


Reframe My Date said...

Wow! You were pretty good at it by the end!! I love the animation too :) xxx

Christine Holmes said...

wow! sieht super aus!