Monday, April 11, 2011

Lecture at SJSU April 8th 2011

Last Friday I went to the San Jose State University to hold a presentation for the Shrunken Head Man Club. About 200 students showed up. After a lot of talking from my side I did 3 painting demos. The first one was a simple setting to show the basic concept of lighting and to explain what is going on in my head before I start painting. The second demo was a more complicated setting using the same technique. I refined the first demo a little bit once I got home since it was too rough and my macbook screen was not calibrated well.

The image on the left is a night scene with the desk lamp as the main light source and a little bit of moonlight coming through a window on the right side causing the rim light. The image on the right is a daylight scene. The main light is coming through the window on the right side.

The second demo was the image on the bottom left. This demo also included how I organize my layers when I paint at work to be able to address changes quickly.
I painted the scene on the right side beforehand to show how lighting can be changed easily.

SJSU people thanks for the warm welcome and being such a great audience. I had a lot of fun presenting! I hope I could inspire some of you guys to do daily speed paintings and to set some "unreachable" goals :D

This is the thread of the sijun forum I used to post at back in the days.
Best of luck everyone!


Elizabeth Bruan said...

Thanks again Goro for everything! The presentation was incredibly inspiring and your prompt email response and helpful information are soooo appreciated! :)

Joe Tirasuwan said...

Same here! Thanks for an awesome presentation and a quick reply of my email I sent earlier! I have an art blog and if you've got some spare time, please visit my blog. Thank you!

Jonathan Chu said...

I see myself in there!

Thanks so much Goro! I had a great inspiring time! I created a blog just today to catalog my speed paintings! drop by if you ever have time.

:) Thanks

Amy Kim said...

Started my first speed painting today and I hope to make it a habit of doing one everyday. Thank you for visiting us, your lecture was very insightful and I enjoyed hearing about your journey that led to where you are today. We hope that you'll stop by again in the future! (Good luck on perfecting the windmill! It's nearly there!)

Unknown said...

this is cool thx for images :) but where are PSD's ;)

Unknown said...

wow this is great! Thanks for posting!

Sam García said...

You're work is awesome and inspiring!
You have a really nice taste for composition, colors and shapes! Congratulations!

Goro Fujita said...

Glad you enjoyed it guys!

Did you get your wacom?

You're doing good man! Keep going!

That's great! Where can I check them out? no handed windmills are next :D

Thanks everyone I appreciate your feedback!

Carlianne Fenton said...

Hey Goro! I just wanted to say thank you for putting the images on the blog for us! (I was the one who asked about it during the break) Your lecture was incredibly inspiring and I learned tons of incredibly useful information! Thank you so much!

- Carlianne

Jonathan R Apilado said...

Thanks again Goro for the inspiration, and the awesome demos! The speed paintings are an awesome exercise! After the presentation, I Showed you my loose watercolor masterstudy of one of your pieces. If you have any free time, it'd be awesome if you could stop by my blog. Thank you! :D

Amit Kumar said...

Hey Goro,

Thanks again for the amazing lecture!
You are very inspirational and an amazing artist. I started daily speed painting and i am sticking to doing one a day, its working pretty well i'm posting them up on my blog and the forum you suggested to me. i can already feel the change!

Goro Fujita said...

glad to hear that.

glad to hear it's working out for you. I saw your stuff on sijun.
There are still a bunch of badass people around. Also some of the guys I used to post with. Whenever you post a reply make sure to post a painting along with it. One of the speedpainting thread rules at sijun is not to post a reply without a painting :)

Good luck!

Samantha Lo said...

I just want to say thank you Goro for your AWESOME lecture at SJSU! You inspired a lot of people with those cool demos. Me and a couple of my friends are trying hard to speed paint everyday now :)
And the information and tips you gave about Adobe Photoshop was extremely helpful! Please drop by my blog if you have the time.


c.sukiman said...

Thank you for such an inspiring lecture and demo!

You're one of the artist that I aspire to be like, and to have you come for our school was like a dream come true! Your demos inspire me to do some speed painting on photoshop. Alas i have no tablet yet, but soon!

I just created an art blog today so I can push myself to do good quality work. please drop by if you are free :)

Thank you!

dines said...

I saw a camera in the back of the picture... was this session recorded and any chance it gets published?

Nancy Thai said...

Awesome Lecture Goro!! Very inspiring. Somehow the concept was a lot more easier to understand than what I've learned in most of my years in school. I'm attempting the speed painting as well!

Dang Nguyen said...

I did daily speed paintings starting from that lecture. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Liz B said...

Goro! One of my classmates just lent me his wacom so I can begin speed painting! So excited! :D

Polyxeni said...

Thank you for visiting us!!! :D

Goro Fujita said...


Glad that I could be an inspiration.
Keep up the good work!

It was recorded but it won't get published for now.Sorry

Glad to hear that! Good luck on the Speed Paintings

You're doing good! Keep it up

Yay hope to see some paintings soon! Make sure
to post it somewhere it's important to get yourself
out there even if you think that your paintings suck :)
It doesn't matter it's all part of the learning process.

My pleasure!