Saturday, April 23, 2011

Light Painting Madness

It's been a while since I painted with light.
I went to Death Valley with my friends this past weekend. It was an overwhelming trip. After watching a beautiful sunset I decided to do some light paintings. Most of them are 30 seconds exposure and painted with the iphone 4 flash light. I explained my technique in one of the earlier posts. It was super fun. (Shot with Nikon D7000 18-105mm 3.5-5.6)

This one is done with a different technique. The letters are extruded with the iPad screen. There is an app called holographium. You type in a word and the app cuts the word into slices and plays back the individual slices over time. Now if you use a long exposure in your camera and move the iPad slowly you can extrude your text in space. Pretty amazing.

And last but not least this is something I did with my co-worker. It's the same technique like above but in this case it's a real human body that was cut into slices. You can find the video and the process here
This is a lot of fun and I want to experiment more with it. (Canon 5D Mark II with 24mm 1.4 25sec exposure) 


Jason Marino said...

Wow that last picture is really creepy! Cool stuff goro

Isaac B said...

Great shots Goro!

Team Deep said...

Wow, those are all fantastic! I had totally forgotten about this technique...we did it at a friend's house with what turned out to be a very cool light-source: his "overclocked" (I forget the details) green laser pointer. (Because of the brightness, you could actually kind of use the "afterimage" in your eyes to do multiple strokes). Unfortunately, none of us had steady enough hands to do anything particularly impressive, but I recall I was able to do a "thought bubble" containing a "$" above my friend's head. Now that I've written a long, dry-ass post...haha...I'll stop, so, again: very very cool.

Folarx said...

Kame-Hame-Ha, Dude!