Saturday, November 29, 2014

Penguins of Madagascar #4

Let's get into some North Wind Tech. This was probably one of the most exciting but also challenging assignments I got during the making of the film. Agent "Classified" has his super cool badge that transforms into an even cooler hologram dome. It's used when he is showing off his master plan to the Penguins. I worked closely together with Theophile Bondoux from Layout for this sequence. It was very tricky since the dome was shot from different angles and we had to make sure that the screens were nicely framed and distributed in each shot. We came to a conclusion that we needed at least 20 different screens to have enough variations to create the dome. My design was based of early North Wind Tech development pieces by Win Arayaphong. The first step was to figure out how the badge opens up to reveal the dome. With the help of maya I created a 3D visualization of how I imagined the dome to get revealed and how the badge opening mechanism works. (see clips below)
As for the screens it was a lot of back and forth with Theo. I would design several screens in after effects and hand it over to him to test the screens in the sequence. Then we notice that certain icons or fonts are too big so I have to go back to make adjustments. Once he updates the textures I notice that there is not enough orange accents in certain shots so I have to go back and adjust accordingly etc etc.

But one of the biggest challenges was to come up with a good system to hand off our work to other departments since we were just doing the pre-visualization of the sequence. This involved a lot of thinking and planning and at times our brains were smoking. But considering there was a lot of potential for mistakes on our side, everything went incredibly smooth and we were proud to see the final result of our teamwork on screen. Below are clips of the screens I created for the dome using after effects. More to come!

Lighting Thumbnails

Animated Visualisations

Final Animated Textures

Color Keys

Explosion effect design

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