Wednesday, December 07, 2016


We are launching the Oculus Touch controllers today! And together with the hardware launch we are also launching a lot of exciting software.

I've been with Oculus Story Studio for almost two years now. We did a lot of discoveries during this time and every project we tackle is extremely exciting as we always step into the unknown trying to find new ways to tell stories in VR. During these two years I got my mind blown multiple times. Moments like when I first held the gameboy in my hands where my mind could not process the awesomeness I was experiencing. And "Quill" was one of those moments. During our annual 2day hackathon my friend and coworker Inigo Quilez came up with a prototype for a VR painting tool that later on became Quill, the key software that was used for our upcoming project "Dear Angelica" directed by Saschka Unseld. Inigo let me try it and my jaw dropped to the floor. This was the first time I was able to paint strokes in 3D space. Being able to paint freely in 3D and walk around my painting was a magical moment for me. I knew that Inigo was on to something big here. Immediately we started exchanging thoughts and features that could be added. And soon using Quill, I brought my fellow robot CU-02 to life.

I created CU-02 in 2004 CU stands for cooking unit. He is a cooking robot and works at a restaurant. But since he is one of the first models on the market he has a malfunction and falls in love with a stray cat and leaves the kitchen. (You can read more about him here) Since then I have been sending him to numerous places in the world. He has been co-existing with me in a parallel universe but it never crossed my mind that I could ever meet him in person. Until Inigo wrote "Quill" and suddenly our worlds meet. This is the piece where we first ran into each other. I painted myself an umbrella and was standing next to him just enjoying his of those moments I will remember forever.
Thank you Inigo Quilez for making this possible!

A year has past and here we are releasing Quill to the public. Quill opens a door to a new art form that never existed before. I cannot wait to see what the world will create using Quill. Yes I'm looking at you Pascal Campion!
I have a lot of Quill art that I will share with you guys in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

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