Sunday, November 20, 2005


Just came back from Kart racing. I used to go there with friends a couple of years ago. Today was the first time after many years ^^;
We where 4 poeople racing together: A friend of mine, me and some guys we didn't know. We had a lot of fun but I forgot how exhausting it is to ride a kart. 10 minutes qualifying and 20mintues race. I made it to the 2nd place but now my arms hurt like hell^^. The circuit is 600 Meters long and has quiet some tricky curves.
This is the map of the circuit.

My max speed was about 46km/h. But I think you could drive like 50km/h if you're good. Anyways, very exhausting but pretty much fun!
Tomorrow I'll have sore muscles forsure T.T (it hurts already....)

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