Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kodakku alias Enton and Goll

A friend of mine is a huge fan of a pokemon called Enton ('Enton' in German, 'Kodakku' in Japanese). If you enter his room you see enton figures everywhere. It's really incredible. He even has a Enton Costume ^^;
When I was in Japan this year I wanted to buy him some Kodakku figures. Since I didn't find anything of Kodakku in I went to the Pokemon Center Tokyo ^^; (it really exists...) here is the proof

Anyways, I finally found a tiny litte figure of Kodakku in this store. It was the only thing I could find....I came back to germany and gave it to him but guess what? He already had this figure! Hehe but he said that he couldn't get enough of those anyways and was happy about it ^^

Did a little Painting to increase his collection.


Unknown said...

Coooool dolls!

Unknown said...

I mean paintings ... love the duck!

blabla said...

^^ thnx~!