Thursday, December 08, 2005


When I was browsing through my files I found this little project we did back at the German Film School. We had to create 3 Buildings from scratch using wood, metal, plastic and all differnt kinds of glues. I build the tall blueish skyscraper with my buddy Felix. We had a lot of fun working with real materials. It was a nice alternation to the digital 3D stuff we were doing.

Later on we used those models to create a little stop motion animation using a custom made motion control of our teacher. We brought the LEGO Bionicles to life. ^^
They have really fexible joints and were comfortable to animate.
It is only a tiny little project but we had a lot of fun creating it.
Thnx Moritz for creating this nice little clip!

click on the image below to view "BionicleWars" or right click and save target as for download.


Anonymous said...

Ray Harryhausen would be proud :)
J/K, say the motion control system you mentioned sounds interesting. Any chance that you post a foto?


blabla said...

Hi Milho!
I searched for a picture of that Moco but I couldn't find one...sorry