Wednesday, December 07, 2005

LightSkaters and LightBreakers

Today's lightpainting session before bedtime

I tried to paint with my eyes closed this time. And I have to say it's way more comfortable to paint blind, cause you don't get confused by the reflecting light of the walls. You can focus better on the line placement. When I do more lightpaintings I will do them blind from now on.

Some LightSkaters and LightBreakers ^^


Anonymous said...

Goro, this is outstanding mate. Keep them coming, I'm surprised by the results. Ever considered trying to make some sequential images and therefore a short animation?

Also, great to see you have a blog, and the site redesign is top notch. Congratulations!

blabla said...

hey thnx! Glad to see you around. And yes I was thinking about it. This will be my next challenge but straight forward blind animation will be not that easy ;)
I will practice more!