Saturday, May 20, 2006

Painting on a huge screen!

I'm currently staying at a friends apartment. He recently bought a huge HDTV LCD TV.
I used it as my monitor today and did a little speedpaiting on this huge screen! I'll certainly do it again! It was fun painting in that size!
And here is the finished piece!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's so cool! I'm guessing you used a tablet?

Looks great :)

blabla said...

yeah sure! ^^
If you look carefully you can see my wacom on my legs.

Hans said...

Awesome, I really dig your paintings! Very nice colors.


Unknown said...

Love it!! Your painting is always amazing!! Usually how long does it take you to paint one of these? You paint so often and soooo GOOOOD!

Unknown said...

hey that's super duper! good color choices. all though i have to ask - is that little chubby monkey deon on the post to the right of the girl? because if it's not... it could easily be. ;-)


blabla said...

thnx Hans!

Thnx! I usually paint from 30min up to 2 hours.
This one took me about 40min. And I would say you paint too often and too cool ^^v

Thnx man!
but chubby monkey deon? hehe don't know what you're talking about ^^;
But I suppose it's not...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours and textures. What program did you use?

justinpatrickparpan said...

Beautiful work man. Im a real fan!

Gerald de Dios said...

Ah man, these speed painting are incredible!!! Very cool to see it on the HDTV. I like the outcome on both paintings...the lighting on the one above and the composition on this one. Bravo. You've inspired me!