Monday, July 13, 2009

23rd World Wide SketchCrawl

Saturday was the 23rd World Wide SketchCrawl. The San Francisco crawl took place in the Presidio. It was a bit windy but still a great crawl. Lookin forward to the next one.

Photo by Nancy Lorenz

My Sketches from the crawl:

Talented co-worker Lindsey Olivares did a sketch of me on Saturday's SketchCrawl. I think she captured my "drawing in the sun face" pretty well ^^
Thanks Lindsey!!!



man...this sounds like fun!!!

I just wish I was there so the black guy in the middle in the back wouldn't feel left out ^_^

anywho, good seeing you posting again!

Goro Fujita said...


Well you should join the LA crawl!
Must be huge too!

Abelo said...

wha... why wasn't I warned? Would have loved to be in one of those crawls. Ok, we'll wait just 360 more days.

Unknown said...

THese sketches are so much fun!!