Monday, July 20, 2009


Sorry for the slow updates. I have been busy working for another cg challenge over at cgsociety. Hard to find time to paint.
This time I was experimenting with a more graphic approach.


SHOo said...

Well, what an awesome experiment! It really looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Exelente!!...realmente Buenisimo!

Stephan Royer said...

That is really beautiful :) I love the layers upon layers. Very full of life... those bushes are my absolute favorite!

RAWLS said...

Love the colours!

John Patrick Deza said...

It looks awesome :D

Amok said...

i really like the way this looks, solid shapes in the background and less brush-strokey, yet still has that painterly feel. sweet.

Unknown said...

I love the shapes of these trees and the color! Beautiful!

Unknown said...


Freid said...

Oh man i love that pic ! I'm jealous, i will kill you and then i'll stole your talents. Best regards.

_Jacqueline_ said...


awesome O.O

Unknown said...

now I recognize you!
from CGhub!!
how goes!

looove this one
I'm off to add your blog to my blogroll right now!


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