Thursday, November 03, 2005

Juji & Goro Episode01 - The Mantis

I was talking to my friend Stacy (alias Juji) in msn today. Since the version 7.0, msn messenger has a handwriting feature included. You can write or paint with mouse or graphic tablet directly in the chatwindow. So I doodled around with her today. More drawing then chatting. Then suddenly we started to build up a story out of nothing ^^. We went on drawing taking turns. Finnally we had a cute little comicstrip that we put together to a pdf. Click on the image to see the comic strip. May be there will be more Juji & Goro Episodes. ^^v
Ah- I just love the handwriting feature of msn!


Unknown said...

silly fun!! :)

Stephen said...

Funny stuff!

I'm working on an animation right now written by a six year old named Oliver. I love collaborations!


blabla said...

^^ thnx! Yeah indeed collabs are so much fun. There are more juji&goro episodes coming up so stay tuned!